Important Aspects to Consider When Installing Artificial Grass

The number one aspect that everyone would think about when installing artificial grass to their lawns is, of course, the budget. We would all take a good look in our pockets and see how much we are willing to spend on this project. But, taking that out of the equation, there are still other things to consider. And, these other things or aspects should be taken seriously – so, after deciding how much to spend, think about these 2 aspects to help you decide what type of lawn should you buy and install.


First and foremost, you should consider the place where you will be installing the fake grass. Think about the traffic level. How many people are going to step on it on a daily basis? Are there going to be children running around over them, pets? All of these will simply tell you one thing, the heavier the traffic the more durable type of artificial grass you’ll be going to need.
If you will install less durable turf in that area where there is heavy traffic, it might end badly for you. It may cause your synthetic grass to fade more quickly. So, you have to use more durable turf to withstand the amount of stress from the heavy traffic. Just a quick note to remember, the more durable you choose the faker it will look.


Another thing that you should then consider is the aesthetics. The better the quality, the softer and more realistic it will be. Natural look fake grass is more expensive but it will provide you with some pleasing results after the installation. You have to take note that this is an investment and artificial grass will usually last for more than 5 years and some up to 15 years.

If you’re just looking at it over the internet, remember that you can always ask for a sample and see what pleases you most. Aside from the price, remember that the most expensive one isn’t always the best for your lawn; you have to match it with your house and the natural grass in your surrounding areas.


Aside from the budget, you have to think about how many people are going to be walking around the turf and your personal taste. If there is very minimal traffic, then, by all means, it would be ideal to spend more as it will last longer. If the traffic is heavy, just opt for durability even if does not look that pleasing, its lifespan will save you more money.